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9th May, 2017
 Straight from the heart 
Enough is Enough: 'Chalo Dilli''on 6th June
Dear Colleague
The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has declared "Chalo Dilli" movement on 6th of June to bring to the attention of the nation that the medical profession is being strangulated from all directions.
Justice has been denied to doctors even within the frame work of the constitution of India.
  • Why is everybody silently watching violence against doctors? We become doctors to serve and not to harm the community. We are not against accountability but no one can be allowed to take law in their hands.
Violence against healthcare professionals is occurring with growing frequency in India and there is often an attempt to soften the outcry by blaming the medical professionals being the cause of provocation. While every hospital and healthcare facility should identify high-risk violence prone areas in their establishment to be manned by adequate number of doctors, CCTV cameras and adequate security, all healthcare providers, who are victims of violence, must be adequately compensated.
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More and more Indians are suffering from sleep disorders: IMA
Smartphones and other gadgets pose as a hindrance to a regular sleep cycle
New Delhi, May 8, 2017: According to a recent study conducted by consumer products company, about 93% Indians are sleep-derived. While this can be attributed to the changing lifestyle and gadget addiction, the interesting part is that many are not aware of their condition. Disturbed sleep is more prevalent in Indian women than men and a majority of the women suffer from conditions like depression and anxiety, says the study. 
Some primary sleep disorders include narcolepsy, insomnia, and sleep apnea. Unable to fit into the regular sleep cycle combined with the stress, many people today resort to consumption of sleeping pills which can have further side effects like drowsiness, impaired learning ability, respiratory depression, changes in appetite, and dizziness.
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