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9th November, 2017
Controlling air pollution: Each one of us can make a difference
Dr KK Aggarwal
High air pollution in Delhi-NCR has recently dominated the front pages of newspapers, particularly since the last two days when the air quality worsened sharply to hazardous levels. Delhi-NCR continued to be enveloped by a thick smog due to the dangerously high levels of air pollutants leading to a state of public health emergency.
Air pollution is a recurring problem and the authorities undoubtedly need to implement measures to reduce particulate matter in the air. But, air pollution is mainly man-made and because it harms human health, it is of immediate concern to all.
Improving the air quality is a collective responsibility. Each one of us can do something every day to prevent or at least help control the air pollution levels and keep the environment healthy.
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Better safe than sorry: Delhi air quality hits rock bottom levels
Suspend outdoor activities for few days and take precautionary measures to combat adverse effects
New Delhi, 08 November 2017: The air quality in Delhi has hit an all-time low with the air quality index of the city shooting up to 451 on a scale where the maximum level is 500. Inhaling this air can be equated to smoking 50 cigarettes a day and is detrimental to healthy individuals and those with existing health conditions alike! As per the IMA, this is a public health emergency as the city has practically turned into a gas chamber.
Smog is a result of a combination of factors such as industrial activities, vehicular traffic, open burning, incinerators, higher temperature, geography of a place, sunlight, and calmer winds. Smog occurs in a location that is far from the source of pollution. This is because the process that leads to smog occurs after the hazardous particles have been drifted away by the wind.
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