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5th April, 2017
  Zero tolerance of malpractices

Dear Colleague
In the recently concluded state leadership meeting held in IMA House, Delhi on 1st & 2nd April, 2017, it was unanimously resolved that IMA will have zero tolerance for cuts, commissions, unethical practices and getting money from establishments or pharma companies for no services provided. 
If any member is found to indulge in such malpractices, IMA will not stand with the concerned member at the time of action by any appropriate authorities. 
IMA also appreciated the 'no incentive' schemes already started in Telangana, Kerala, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Others are requested to issue the same directions to their members.
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 Increasing suicides in India are a testimony to the faulty mental health policies of the country

According to recent reports, over 50 million people suffer from mental illness like depression, suicidal ideation and anxiety in India
Over 7,000 people end up committing suicide because of lack of adequate counseling and other medical assistance

New Delhi, 4th April 2017: The Indian constitution grants us seven fundamental rights, out of which the most basic one is the 'Right to Life'. The taboo in the society, which often exists when it comes to mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, has become a deterrent to this very basic right. The increasing number of suicide cases making the headlines has caused severe uproar in the medical fraternity and government for better facilities to mental health patients, however despite deliberations, no conclusion has come to light yet.
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