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3rd July, 2017
Consent Revisited: Inability to manage complications leads to violence

Consent, as we know, is the authorization or grant of permission by the patient for treatment or any diagnostic, surgical or therapeutic procedure to be carried out by the doctor. A doctor has to take consent from the patient before proceeding with his treatment. It is ethical and in today's scenario, a legal requirement. Any act done without permission is "battery" or physical assault and is liable for punishment.
A valid consent has three components: Disclosure, Capacity and Voluntariness i.e. provision of relevant information by the doctor, capacity of the patient to understand the information given and take a decision based on the adequate information without force or coercion. This is informed consent. Any permission given under any unfair or undue pressure makes the consent invalid.
The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has defined 'adequate information' in the landmark case of Samira Kohli vs Dr Prabha Manchanda. This includes "(a) nature and procedure of the treatment and its purpose, benefits and effect (b) alternatives if any available (c) an outline of the substantial risks and (d) adverse consequences of refusing treatment."
No doctor practices medicine without taking informed consent. Yet we read and hear of incidents of violence against doctors from all parts of the country. So, are we going wrong somewhere? Are we doing something wrong somewhere?
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Pneumonia a leading cause of death among Indian children
Though progress has been made in combating the diseases, there is still a long way to go
New Delhi, 02 June 2017: According to recent statistics, India has the highest number of pneumonia deaths among children around the world. About three lakh children died of the disease in 2016 alone, said a report. The other countries with the highest global burden of child pneumonia include Nigeria, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola. Although there has been some progress in combating pneumonia among young children in these nations, they still account for hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths around the world.
Pneumonia is a form of acute respiratory infection affecting the lungs. In a healthy person, the small sacs called alveoli in the lungs fill with air while breathing. However, in pneumonia, these get filled with pus and fluid, making breathing painful and limiting oxygen intake. Pneumonia can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
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