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3rd November, 2017
IMA End TB Initiative: 10 points what every doctor should know about TB
Dr KK Aggarwal
1. Tuberculosis is a public health emergency in view of the rising number of cases of MDR (Multi-Drug-Resistant) and XDR (Extensively-Drug-Resistant)TB, especially in Delhi and Mumbai.
2. The prevalence of MDR TB is more than 2% in primary TB cases.
3. Every sputum should be tested with GeneXpert test. It not only diagnoses the presence of TB, but also detects rifampicin resistance. No treatment should be started without first confirming rifampicin resistance. Rifampicin resistance indicates primary MDR TB.
4. Treatment for MDR TB should be taken for the required 2 years to prevent conversion from MDR TB to XDR TB. Treatment of MDR TB in India is available free of cost.
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Thrombosis cases have shown a four-fold increase in the last 10 years
The condition is a leading cause of disability worldwide
New Delhi, 02 November 2017: Thrombosis is a condition that affects 1 in 1000 people in India. However, only 5% of those with the condition are aware of it, indicate estimates. Thrombosis is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, but not many people are aware of how fatal it can be to life. Thrombosis-related complications have increased three- to four-fold in the last 10 years in the country. Studies also indicate that women who give birth through the cesarean route are more prone to venous blood clot.
Thrombosis is the process of a blood clot forming in a blood vessel. This can block or obstruct blood flow in the affected area, as well as cause serious complications if the clot moves to a crucial part of the circulatory system, such as the brain or the lungs.
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