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29th August 2016
Sepsis is a medical emergency
  • About 72% of patients with sepsis, a fast-moving deadly illness, have been seen by doctors in recent past representing missed opportunities to catch it early or prevent it.
  • Common conditions leading to sepsis are pneumonia and infections of the urinary tract, skin and gut.
  • There is no specific test for sepsis and symptoms can vary, which means it is often missed. There is also no standard definition. 
  • Preventive Flu, meningococcal and pneumonia vaccines and hand hygiene can help.
  •  As per CDC, every year over 258,000 Americans die of sepsis, which is more than deaths from heart attack.
  • Sepsis is most common among older people, the very young and those with compromised immune systems.
  • The condition can rapidly advance to septic shock.
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A 25-year-old male from Greater Noida asked:
Sir, My teeth are too much yellowish from childhood due to impure water. Now how can I remove this layer from teeth. I paste thrice a day but unable to no benefit. Provide me some suggestions.
Dr. Shreyas A Pade, Dentist, replied:
Probably they need professional cleaning an polishing then you can maintain it afterwards. You might be brushing teeth thrice but technique may be wrong. If the yellowish layer is formed because of fluorides... read more
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Press Release
Urgent need to create social awareness on mosquito borne diseases!
Prevention measures essential to curb the ongoing dengue and chikungunya menace in the city
Despite the best efforts from doctors, the illnesses will continue to exist over the next one month
New Delhi, August 28, 2016: Dengue and chikungunya cases are rampant in Delhi and raising preventive awareness crucial. Chikungunya is not life-threatning and symptoms typically exist for 7-10 days. Dengue on the other hand can be easily managed and does not always require hospitilization. Mass public awareness campaigns are essential.
Speaking about this issue, Padma Shri Awardee Dr. KK Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General IMA and President Heart Care Foundation of India said, "The misconceptions that people have about the mosquito-borne tropical disease has contributed towards making India the ‘Dengue capital’ of the world. Nowadays, individuals ignore the fact that the disease is manageable and preventable. Also, it can be effectively treated with the right kind of first aid, medication, and precautions.
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