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29th April 2018
Waiting period for surgeries in government hospitals less than one month

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

If you live in Delhi and are entitled for Delhi Government services and if you need a surgery and the date given to you is beyond one month, you can get a referral to empanelled 42 private hospitals and get the surgery done there.

The list of hospitals empanelled and the types of surgeries are available on website of Delhi Arogya Kosh. All these hospitals are NABH/ CGHS or Delhi Government Employees Health Scheme (DGEHS) registered.

There are 24 such Delhi Government hospitals and they are authorized to refer to private hospitals. ... read more


How to Enhance Your Practice Visibility?

You are one among the 9,88,922 allopathic doctors practising in India. You can find a clinic in every nook and corner. How do you attract patients to your practice? What do you do to become more visible to your target audience? The only solution is to be different from others and think out-of-the-box!.... read more

Top News

NEET PG and NEET SS cut off percentile reduced by 15%

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has reduced the NEET PG and NEET SS cut off percentile by 15%. The decision is likely to benefit about 18000 students as this will improve the chances of filling up PG seats and minimizing wastage of seats..... read more

Morning Medtalks

Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal 29th April

These one should be punished with capital punishment. Two men posing as doctors killed a newborn by cutting of his genitals in a bid to convince the mother she had given birth to a girl. The pair had told an eight-month pregnant woman she would have a girl after staging a sham ultrasound at an illegal clinic in the Chatra district of eastern Jharkhand state, according to Chatra's top medical officer..... read more

Practice Updates

EMA approves generic carmustine for brain tumors and lymphoma

The European Medicines Agency's (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recommended approval of a generic version of carmustine (Carmustine Obvius, from Obvius Investment BV) for use in the treatment of new or recurrent brain tumors..... read more

AHA withdraws some parts of its new guidelines on stroke

The American Heart Association (AHA)/American Stroke Association (ASA) has withdrawn large parts of its 2018 guidelines for the early management of patients with acute ischemic stroke. In a correction published online April 18, 2018 in the journal Stroke, the AHA has deleted the following sections: .... read more

Biologics drugs also reduce plaque burden in patients of psoriasis

Findings of a study presented at the annual conference of The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions in San Diego show that biologic drugs improved skin condition in patients of psoriasis and also reduced atherosclerotic plaque burden .... read more

Glycemic variability increases mortality risk in older patients with diabetes

According to a study published online April 16, 2018 in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, stable glycemic levels are associated with low mortality risk, while both low and high levels of glycemic control along with glycemic variability were associated with a higher mortality risk.... read more

Ulcerated small bowel lesions more common in Crohn’s disease

A comparison of small bowel lesions between ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease on capsule endoscopy has shown that significantly more ulcerative lesions, notched appearance, longitudinal tendency of lesions,.... read more

Progressive visual dysfunction common in patients with MPS I Hurler syndrome

Despite hematopoietic stem cell transplants, patients with mucopolysaccharidoses type I (MPS I) Hurler syndrome were at risk of progressive visual dysfunction in the form of poor visual acuity, poor night vision and photophobia due to corneal opacities or retinal degeneration on long-term follow up..... read more

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Medicolegal Corner
eMedi Quiz
1. Compared with AIs, tamoxifen has been associated with a decreased risk of venous thromboembolic events.
2. Similar to AIs in postmenopausal women, tamoxifen increases the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis.
3. In postmenopausal women, tamoxifen has shown better efficacy than inhibitors.
4. Tamoxifen may be associated with an increased risk of ischemic cerebrovascular complications.
Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: The Talking Bird
Inspirational Story 2: Always remember those who serve
Value learning should be made an integral part of school curriculum
Such a learning can help shape a child’s overall character
New Delhi, 28 April 2018: In an effort to create awareness about the importance of value learning and healthy living in school children, HCFI President, Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal delivered an insightful talk to over 3000 children of Titiksha Public School, Rohini, this week. The idea behind the talk was that values should be integrated in various aspects of life as they go a long way in building a person’s character.

Schools can be the hotbed for change – healthy change. Habits inculcated at this tender age can shape children into better individuals, both in body and mind.

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