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29th November, 2017
Straight from the heart: Affordable ICU Health care

IMA is the collective consciousness of the medical professionals practicing modern system of medicine and is represented by over 10 lakh doctors directly through its members spread over 32 State Branches and 1750 Local Branches and through FOMA (Federation of Medical Associations of India).

Through WMA, IMA is linked to 112 International Medical Associations.

The main objective of IMA is to provide affordable, available, accessible and accountable quality and safe health care to the public through its members in a stress-free environment.

The recent Fortis issue has opened a debate on finding and fighting ways to reduce the cost of intensive care.

How can affordable health care be achieved?

  1. IMA is fighting with government for one price one drug one company policy so that cost of 80% of medicine can be reduced. Medicines account for 80% of the total expenditure on healthcare. The government allows the same company to sell the same quality drug at three different costs.
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1. Campylobacter enteritis is an important cause of acute diarrhea
2. It is never seen in India
3. It is typically caused by Campylobacter jejuni or Campylobacter coli, and is largely a foodborne disease.
4. Campylobacter infection can also be transmitted via water-borne outbreaks and direct contact with animals or animal products.
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Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause dementia over time
Many Indians are unaware that they are Vitamin D deficient
New Delhi, 28 November 2017: While the benefits of Vitamin D in reducing the risk of heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and even rheumatoid arthritis have been documented in various studies, a new study has found that deficiency of this Vitamin D can increase the risk of developing dementia. As per the study, people severely deficient in vitamin D were 122% more likely to develop dementia. Despite being a country that receives ample sunlight, about 65% to 70% Indians are deficient in this most essential vitamin.
Vitamin D is not a simple vitamin and impacts virtually every cell in the body. It is synthesized in the skin on exposure to sunshine and is needed to absorb calcium and for bone health. Low vitamin D levels are widely known to harm bones, leading them to become thin, brittle, soft or misshapen. However, it is equally important for the heart, brain, and immune function.
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