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28th December, 2017
Straight from the Heart: Time to say Thank You

Dear Friends, it is time for me to say ‘Thank you’ for all your support, friendship, views and wise counsel during these last three years of my term in office.

During these years, I found strength in the general membership of IMA and could further strengthen my bond with them through transparency and my daily communications. I could communicate practically with every IMA member, who is digitally connected. I did bi-weekly webcasts as a part of my e-connect strategy. The viewership crossed one lakh on three such occasions.

At an individual level, I earned a good mentor in Dr Ketan Desai – an intelligent man, a keen observer, a tough taskmaster, yet a soft emotional man from inside who opens up his heart like a child only with trusted old friends. .... read more

Top News

NGT comes up with own graded plan

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) concluded a landmark case on Tuesday, three years after a lawyer filed a petition against severe air pollution in Delhi. NGT ordered the implementation of a graded response action plan (GRAP), but not the one devised by the SC-mandated Environment Pollution Control Authority and the Central Pollution Control Board. It came up with its own response system and related air-quality categorization.... read more

Practice Updates
Folic Acid May Restrict Autism Traits in Children of Epileptic Women

Children whose mothers were treated for epilepsy who did not take folic acid during pregnancy had increased odds of having autistic traits compared with those whose mothers took folic acid, suggested a large Norwegian cohort study published in JAMA more

Low-Level Pollution Exposures Increase Death Risk In Elderly

Researchers from Boston suggest that even short-term exposure to air pollution at levels below the current air quality standards seem to heighten the risk for death among older people. The new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggested that day-to-day changes in particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) more

Prolonged Prophylaxis Prevents HIV Transmission During Breastfeeding

Both maternal antiretroviral therapy (mART) and prolonged infant nevirapine prophylaxis (iNVP) safely help to prevent breastfeeding mothers from passing HIV-1 to their infants, suggest long-term data from the PROMISE trial published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. Mother-child pairs were enrolled 6 to 14 days postpartum and randomly assigned to receive more

Mortality Risk is Twofold When Breast Ca Patient Has Mental Illness

Elderly women with breast cancer who have severe mental illness have double the risk of all-cause mortality as their peers without mental illness, and need more screening, surveillance, and coordinated care from primary care providers and specialists, suggests new research published online in the Journal of Clinical more

Adult Survivors of Preterm Birth Have Smaller Airways

The airways of adult survivors of preterm birth are smaller than those of their peers born full-term, thus explaining their worse lung function, suggests a report published online November 29 in Experimental Physiology. Researchers used dysanapsis ratio (DR), an indirect measure that accounts for maximal flow, static recoil and vital capacity, to compare airway size in three groups of more

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Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: :: The Power of Good Words
Inspirational Story 2: A simple gesture
Medical profession does not need any regulators: IMA
Doctors are considered next to God and require no regulators
New Delhi, 27 December 2017: The Union Cabinet recently rendered another blow to the medical profession with the approval of the draft National Medical Commission Bill, 2017. The NMC will “cripple” the functioning of the medical profession by making it completely answerable to the bureaucracy and non-medical administrators. Devoid of federal character, this non-representative half non-medical body will be a poor substitute for the MCI. NMC will not represent the medical profession of India in any manner.
Delivering affordable health care to India’s billion plus people presents enormous challenges and opportunities for the medical fraternity. Political ideologies play a distinctive role in determining the health policies of our country.
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