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27th November 2016
IMA Required Request in Every Death: "Puchna mat bhulo"
"Puchna mat bhulo" is the IMA campaign for organ donation. All IMA members should, in case of routine death, request the near relatives for corneal donation and in situations with brain stem death, for eye and other organs donations.
As per the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules, 2014, any Registered Medical Practitioner of a hospital having ICU facility, in a situation of brain stem death, in consultation with transplant coordinator (if available) will have to ascertain from the next of kin or the legal heir of the body whether the dead person, while he was alive, had authorised donation of his/her organs either by filling Form 5 or in their Driving License.  If yes, then the registered medical practitioner is duty bound to request the next of the kin or the legal heir to submit the aforesaid authorisation and sign the declaration/authorisation.
As per Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules, 2014 any registered medical practitioner of the hospital having ICU facility, in consultation with transplant coordinator, if available, SHALL ascertain, after certification of brain stem death of the person in ICU from his or her adult near relative or, if near relative is not available, then, any other person related by blood or marriage, and in case of unclaimed body, from the person in lawful possession of the body, the following:
a)  whether the person had, in the presence of two or more witnesses (at least one of who is a near relative of such person), unequivocally authorised before his or her death as specified in Form 7 or in documents like driving license, etc. wherein the provision for donation may be incorporated after notification of these rules, the removal of his or her organ(s) or tissue(s) including eye, after his or her death, for therapeutic purposes and there is no reason to believe that the person had subsequently revoked the aforesaid authorisation;
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Patients with acidity should avoid chocolates and peppermints
Certain foods and lifestyle practices can worsen acid reflux, it is important to be aware of them.

New Delhi, Nov 26, 2016: Persistent acidity is usually due to reflux of acid from the stomach into the food pipe due to a faulty valve condition where the separation between stomach and esophagus contents. Acid reflux can redirect stomach acid the wrong way that is, up your esophagus. The burning sensation resulting from such a reflux can is known as heartburn. 
The main symptoms of an acid reflux disease are difficulty in swallowing, dental erosion, sore throat and burning sensation in upper abdomen.
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