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26th March, 2017
Rivers declared as living beings..Shouldn't air be accorded a similar status? 
In the first of its kind unique decision, the New Zealand parliament passed a bill on March 15 granting a river the same legal rights as a person recognizing it as a living entity. The Whanganui River has been regarded as "an indivisible and living whole" and recognized in their traditions and customs by the local Maori tribe 'Iwi', who had struggled to get recognition of the river as an ancestor for more than a century.  Two representatives of the river, one from the Maori community and one from the govt, have also been appointed. This decision acknowledged the spiritual connection between the Whanganui Iwi (tribe) and its ancestral river.
Just few days later, the Uttarakhand High Court also declared the rivers Ganga and Yamuna as living entities, citing the reference of the case in New Zealand, and accorded them same constitutional and legal rights as a human being, including the right to life. The High Court said that both the rivers have been regarded sacred for centuries. 
Our ancestors have worshipped nature in all its forms as is evident from the history of India. The five elements of nature - Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Aakash (void) -have been depicted as celestial beings or deities in our mythology and ancient scriptures including the Rigveda.
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IMA Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative

Spurious use of antibiotics has lead to the emergence of pathogens resistant to multiple antimicrobial drugs. 

New Delhi, March 25, 2017:  Use of antibiotics needs to be carefully monitored to curb unnecessary prescription, as we are currently witnessing rising antimicrobial resistance on a global scale. Antibiotics work by targeting specific mechanisms within the microorganisms essential for growth and survival, however, bacteria have certain defense systems that gradually evade these effects, and become resistant. Spurious use of antibiotics can speed up this defense system much faster than we can counteract them. Hence, it is necessary that awareness be raised about global antibiotic resistance and encourage best practices of usage amongst doctors and patients.
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