January 24 2015, Saturday
IMA, IAP, NNF & FOGSI Initiative
  • No child (0 to 5 years) should die of diarrhea and pneumonia. At present 2 lacs children die of diarrhea and 3 lacs from pneumonia every year, which is not acceptable to the medical profession. For every Neo-natal death public should make public outcry.
  • No child should die just because preventive and infrastructure facilities are not available for treating diarrhea and pneumonia.
  • To reduce infant mortality rate to 20 per 1000 from the present 40 per thousand.
  • Every Branch of IMA to have a Women wing for educating adolescent girls.
  • Every Branch of IMA to have adolescent weekly clinics.
  • Every IMA member to sensitize adolescents about life style, reproductive and mental health.
  • IMA to focus on Delhi as a model to achieve zero death with diarrhea and pneumonia in 0-5 years of age.
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Launch of IMA Rise and Shine Web Lecture Series


Launch of IMA Rise and Shine Web Lecture Series
Date of webcast
8th February 2015
Time of webcast
11:00 AM - 11.30 AM
Live webcast http://www.ima-india.org/ima/
Opening remarks:
Dr K K Aggarwal, Honorary Secretary General, IMA - 2 minutes
Introduction of President IMA and Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group
Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals - 3 minutes
Presidential Address
Dr. Marthanda Pillai, National President – IMA - 7 minutes
Leadership Qualities: My personal Journey and Healthcare challenges
Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group - 15 minutes
Concluding Remarks and Thanks
Dr. K K Aggarwal - 3 minutes
PEDICON 2015, witnessed the coming together of medical fraternity to support the newly launched campaign of the Indian Government – Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao. Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development graced the occasion with her presence
IMA in the News
Government to supply 500 low-cost Jan Aushadhi Drugs in local stores from July

ET Bureau Jan 20, 2015: NEW DELHI: You may be able to buy nearly 500 low-cost drugs supplied by the government at your neighbourhood pharmacy from July under Jan Aushadhi brand if a plan proposed by an expert panel is implemented.

The drugs are likely to cost 50-95 per cent less than their private branded counterparts, members of the expert committee told ET, adding that the medicines selected under the scheme span six therapeutic categories including cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory and antibiotics
Reader Response
A very true picture and assessment.

I congratulate IMA taking a right step at a right moment. Present policy guidelines project the incoming horror for small private medical sector. This sector is providing more than 60% of medical care in India with a bleak future.

American pattern of health system is a failure in first world. In India it shall have a catastrophic effect.

Government has to re think and come out with definite plans for care of poor 50% population to provide basic medical care.

Let us not copy others. Learn from their mistakes. Evolve a policy suitable to India. Jagmohan Singh
Dr KK Spiritual Blog
You Can Reverse Heart Disease

Every cell in the body eventually dies and replaced by new cell. Every day is a new opportunity to build a new body. The entire body totally rebuilds itself in less than two years with 98% in less than one year.
  • Stomach lining rebuilds itself in 5 days.
  • Your skin rebuilds itself in one month.
  • Liver rebuilds itself in 6 weeks.
  • Your DNA rebuilds itself every 2 months.
  • Bone rebuilds the whole new skeleton in 3 months
  • Blood rebuilds itself in 4 months.
  • Brain rebuilds itself in 1 year.
You cannot swim in the same river twice. With every breath, we inhale 1022 atoms coming from all cells present in the universe. We share everything with everybody with every breath. Quadruplet atoms in the last three weeks have gone through our breath. Billion atoms out of them may have been those of Christ or Mohammad.

The very fact that our body rebuilds itself, it is possible to change the Dharma of the new cells and even prevent or regress cancers and heart diseases.
Inspirational Story
Steps to Happiness

Everybody Knows:

You can't be all things to all people. You can't do all things at once. You can't do all things equally well. You can't do all things better than everyone else. Your humanity is showing just like everyone else's.


You have to find out who you are, and be that. You have to decide what comes first, and do that. You have to discover your strengths, and use them. You have to learn not to compete with others, Because no one else is in the contest of *being you*.


You will have learned to accept your own uniqueness. You will have learned to set priorities and make decisions. You will have learned to live with your limitations. You will have learned to give yourself the respect that is due. And you'll be a most vital mortal.

Dare To Believe:

That you are a wonderful, unique person. That you are a once-in-all-history event. That it's more than a right, it's your duty, to be who you are. That life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to cherish. And you'll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down.
IMA White Paper on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
Dr KK Aggarwal The National Institute of Virology in Pune has confirmed that a 35-year-old male nurse who died of extensive internal bleeding at AIIMS was suffering from Congo contagious fever. The male nurse from a private hospital at Jodhpur was among five members of the nursing staff who developed flu-like symptoms. Two nurses showed a fall in blood platelet count and suffered internal bleeding with one dying on Sunday in Jodhpur while the other died of multi-organ failure after being admitted to AIIMS with Ebola-like symptoms.

National President, Indian Medical Association has released a white paper on Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever for the benefit of its members and public. The paper in the form of question and answers has been compiled by Padma Shri Awardee Prof Dr K K Aggarwal Hony Secy Gen IMA.

No panic, said IMA. It’s not a new disease.

What are hemorrhagic fevers?

Hemorrhagic fevers include dengue, Ebola, Marburg hemorrhagic fever (rare and and limited to countries in Central Africa) and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

What is Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever?

It is a severe, potentially fatal disease in humans caused by CCHF tick-borne virus (Nairovirus) of the Bunyaviridae family.

In which countries has the disease been seen?

The disease has been seen in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Is it seen in India?
  • CCHF was first confirmed in a nosocomial outbreak in 2011 in Gujarat. Another notifiable outbreak occurred in July, 2013, in Karyana Village, Amreli district, Gujarat State.
  • Anti-CCHF virus (CCHFV) immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies were detected in domestic animals from the adjoining villages of the affected area, indicating a considerable amount of positivity against domestic animals.
  • A study published in Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 2104 looked at the prevalence of CCHFV among bovine, sheep, and goat populations from 15 districts of Gujarat State and found antibodies in all the 15 districts surveyed; with positivity of 12.09%, 41.21%, and 33.62% in bovine, sheep, and goat respectively.
What is the mode of human transmission?
  • Transmission to humans occurs through tick bites, contact with a patient with CCHF during the acute stage of infection, or contact with blood or tissue from infected livestock.
  • Human-to-human transmission can occur resulting from close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected persons.
What are the four distinct phases of the disease?

The typical course of CCHF has four distinct phases: Incubation, Prehemorrhagic, Hemorrhagic and Convalescence. What is the incubation period?

The incubation period that follows a tick bite is usually short - 3 to 7 days.

What are the clinical symptoms?
  • The pre-hemorrhagic period is characterized by the sudden onset of fever, headache, myalgia and dizziness.
  • Additional symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are also seen in some cases.
  • Nearly three days later, hemorrhagic manifestations from petechiae, large hematomas, and frank bleeding (vaginal, gastrointestinal, nose, urinary, and respiratory tracts) usually follow.
  • The convalescence period begins in survivors about 10 to 20 days after onset of illness.
How serious is the disease? The case fatality rates range from 3 to 30 percent.

What is the cause of death?
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation
  • Vascular dysregulation
  • Higher serum levels of proinflammatory cytokines interleukin (IL)-6 and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)
What are the ultrasound findings?

Ultrasound findings include liver and spleen enlargement, paraceliac abdominal enlargement of lymph nodes, gall bladder wall thickening and intra-peritoneal and pleural effusion. These become prominent on the 3rd day of disease in some patients.

How is the diagnosis made?
  • Viral isolation in bio-safety level four laboratories
  • IgM and IgG antibodies are detectable by ELISA and immunofluorescence assays from about 7 days after the onset of disease
  • Specific IgM antibodies decline to undetectable levels approximately 4 months after presentation.
What is the differential diagnosis?

The differential diagnosis includes all hemorrhagic fevers including dengue and Ebola. In all cases of dengue like illness with negative Ebola or dengue test, one should suspect it.

What is the treatment?

Treatment is mainly supportive. Ribavirin is effective, to be given for 10 days (30 mg/kg as an initial loading dose, then 15 mg/kg every 6 hours x 4 days, and then 7.5 mg/kg every 8 hours x 6 days).

Is a vaccine available?

There is no vaccine available for either people or animals.

How can the disease be prevented?
  • Reducing the risk of human-to-human transmission in the community
  • Avoid close physical contact with CCHF-infected people;
  • Wear gloves and protective equipment when taking care of ill people;
  • Wash hands regularly after caring for or visiting ill people.
  • Health-care workers caring for patients with suspected or confirmed CCHF, or handling specimens from them, should implement standard infection control precautions. These include basic hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment, safe injection practices and safe burial practices.
What is common in homorganic fevers?

Vascular dysregulation with severe intravascular leak; clinically, it presents with low pulse pressure and responds to massive vascular resuscitation with fluids.

What are the clinical clues?

Dengue like illness, pleural effusion on ultrasound, gall bladder thickening in ultrasound, negative dengue serology and signs of intra vascular leak are some clinical clues.
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Quote of the Day
And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln
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CPR 10
Total CPR since 1st November 2012 – 101090 trained
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When is your doctor at fault while prescribing antibiotic?
  • Prescribing antibiotics when no bacterial infection exists.
  • Prescribing the wrong antibiotic or the wrong dose.
  • Prescribing antibiotics for longer than necessary.
  • Prescribing strong antibiotics, when a less strong would be as effective.
  • Prescribing an expensive antibiotic when a cheaper but equally effective antibiotic is available.
When are you at fault?
  • You demand antibiotics even when the doctor thinks it is unnecessary
  • You buy an antibiotic without prescription.
  • You buy an antibiotic without a bill
  • You stop antibiotics as soon as your symptoms start improving and you do not take a full course of antibiotics.
  • When you change brands without doctors knowledge.
eMedi Quiz
Elements of primary health care include all of the following except:

1. Median.
2. First quartile.
3. Third quartile.
4. Mode.

Yesterday’s Mind Teaser: Elements of primary health care include all of the following except:

1. Adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation.
2. Providing essential drugs.
3. Sound referral system.
4. Health Education.

Answer for yesterday’s Mind Teaser: 3. Sound referral system.
Correct Answers received from: Viswanatha Sarma, Daivadheenam Jella, Dr Avtar Krishan.
Answer for 22nd Jan Mind Teaser: 3. Down's syndrome.
Correct Answers receives: Dr Avtar Krishan.
Make Sure
Situation: A patient with dengue fever developed shock.
Reaction: Oh my God! Why was the blood pressure 90/80 ignored?
Lesson: Make sure that a pulse pressure of less than 20 is not ignored, it is an impending sign that the patient is going into shock.
The Year in Medicine 2014: News That Made a Difference
Dr Oz Senate Hearings

A US Senate panel probing bogus diet product ads in April took celebrity physician Mehmet Oz to task for touting weight-loss products on his syndicated television show. Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, the chairwoman of the Commerce subcommittee on consumer protection, said Oz had a role in perpetuating weight-loss fraud through his show. Dr Oz told the panel that he believes in the products that he promotes, although he said he recognizes that the scientific evidence isn't always there. (Source: Medscape)
Twitter of the Day
Dr KK Aggarwal: Guidelines about eating By Dr K K Aggarwal http://bit.ly/1abTSJm #Health
Dr Deepak Chopra: The essential elements of life on earth – carbon, nitrogen, oxygen & hydrogen - are made inside of stars http://tinyurl.com/mxzmw8k
Rabies News (Dr A K Gupta)
Can RIGs be safely injected into already infected animal bite wounds?

RIGs can be safely injected into already infected animal bite wounds following proper wound cleansing and administration of appropriate antibiotics.
Amend ment of section 18A.
22. In section 18A of the principal Act, for the words “drug or cosmetic” at both the places where they occur, the words “drug or cosmetic or notified category of medical device” shall be substituted.
Amend ment of section 18B.
23. In section 18B of the principal Act, for the words, letter, brackets and figures “clause (c) of section 18”, the words, letters, brackets, and figures “clause (b) of sub-section (1) or clause (c) of sub-section (2) of section 7F or clause (c) of subsection (1) of section 18” shall be substituted
Amend ment of section 19.
24. In section 19 of the principal Act,-
(a) in sub-section (1), for the words, “this Chapter”, the words, figures and letter “Chapter IIA or Chapter III or Chapter IV” shall be substituted;
(b) for the words “drug or cosmetic”, wherever they occur, the words “drug or cosmetic or notified category of medical device” shall be substituted;
(c) in sub-section (2),-
(i) for the words and figures “For the purposes of section 18”, the words, figures and letter “For the purposes of section 7F, a notified category of medical device shall not be deemed to be misbranded or adulterated or spurious or not of standard quality and for the purposes of section 18” shall be substituted;
(ii) in clause (a), for the word “consumption”, the words “use or consumption” shall be substituted
(d) in sub-section (3), for the word and figures “section 18”, the words, figures and letter “section 7F or section 18” shall be substituted.
Amend ment of section 20
25. In section 20 of the principal Act,-
(a) in sub-section (1), for the words “such drugs or classes of drugs or such cosmetics or classes of cosmetics”, the words “such drugs, cosmetics and notified categories of medical devices” shall be substituted;
(b) in sub-section (2), for the words “such drugs or classes of drugs or such cosmetics or classes of cosmetics”, the words “such drugs, cosmetics or notified categories of medical devices ” shall be substituted;
(c) in sub-section (4), for the words “import, manufacture or sale of drugs or cosmetics”, the words “import, manufacture or sale of drugs or cosmetics or notified categories of medical devices” shall be substituted.
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eMedinewS Humor
Reading of the Will
The relatives of the family's rich dowager gathered for the reading of her will after her long awaited death.
“Being of sound mind,” read the lawyer, “I spent every last cent before I died.”
Video of the Day
Dr K K Aggarwal head on with Arnab Goswami of Times Now on MCI Issues
h t t p : / / w w w . t i m e s n o w . t v / D e b a t e -
Heart Care Foundation of India announces the Mrs Abheeta Khanna Oration on Excellence in Sports and Health
Betiyan Hain Anmol, Bachao Dil Se, Medanta joins hands with Heart Care Foundation of India
IJCP Book of Medical Records
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If you feel any time that you have created something which should be certified so that you can put it in your profile, you can submit your claim to us at: www.ijcpbookofmedicalrecords.com
  • First person and NGO to trained Maximum Number of Police People trained in Hands only CPR10 in one day
  • "First NGO and doctor to provide "hands on training" to 11543 people in "Hands Only CPR 10" in one day.
  • First individual doctor and NGO to provide "hands on training" to 8913 females in "Hands Only CPR 10" in one day.
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Dr. Sunil Mehendiratta

Organizing Secretary, PEDICON 2015

Talking about the scale of the conference he said that this year we have had more than 7000 registrations, also perhaps for the first time in any conference we are running 13 halls simultaneously from 9 to 5 thus, the scientific knowledge shared is tremendous.

Dr. Rajiv Magon, Lucknow
Child and Adolescent Specialist

DHA – a type of omega-3 fatty acid is very important for the formation of connection between brain cells. Not only retina (60%) and brain (25%) are represented by DHA, but visual functioning, language and emotional development are also dependent upon it. Commonly consumed foods like milk, rice, vegetables and chicken are poor sources of DHA. So, DHA supplementation is a great idea for pediatric age group.

In Conversation with Dr S Niranjan,
Ex-Pool office, KGMC Lucknow, Consultant Neonatologist and Pediatrician

1. How important is DHA for growing children?
DHA is required for myelination and CNS growth.

2. Where does the DHA supplemented in foods such as infant formula come from?
It is sourced from animal fat.

3. Are DHA found in infant formula and the DHA found in breast milk similar?

4. Is the current rate of breastfeeding in India sufficient enough to fulfil kids’ DHA requirements?

5. What role does DHA have in visual development?
DHA is required for retinal development.

6. Is it safe to give DHA during pregnancy?

7. Does DHA supplementation have any adverse effects in children?

8. At what age can DHA supplementation be started?
2 weeks.

Substance Abuse
Dr. Swati Y Bhave, Pune
  • Adolescents are more vulnerable to substance abuse for a number of reasons.
  • Their hypothalamic-limbic system is more predominant. Thus, they are more prone to experimentation and high risk behavior.
  • Their impulse control ability and ability to see the consequences of their actions is limited.
  • Their reward pathway is highly sensitive and they get very quickly addicted. Peer pressure is another major contributor.
  • The earlier the age of substance abuse initiation, the more likely is the chance of addiction.
  • Bullying and blackmailing often encountered in boarding schools where older boys force younger boys to indulge in high risk behavior.
  • Adolescents can often be drawn into criminal activities early in life because they appear exciting and challenging.
  • Teen use of tobacco and alcohol causes long-term damage.
  • There is no safe “experimental” smoking and more receptors develop in adolescent’s brain thus increasing the likelihood of addiction than adults. Therefore, quitting also becomes more difficult.
  • Every year use of a substance is delayed, the risk of developing a substance use disorder is reduced.
  • Awareness and education about adverse effects and addictive potential of tobacco, alcohol and hard core drugs needs to be given to parents, teachers and school and college students
  • LSE - Life skill Education program of WHO empowers teens to say NO to peer pressure and learn skills like coping with stress and emotions, negotiating, decision making, and critical thinking.
AICOG 2015
The FOGSI FIGO session started off with great stalwarts like Dr Narendra Malhotra, Dr CN Purandare taking the chair.

Knowledge transfer via GLOWM

Dr S Arulkumaran

  • In this day of internet and technology, knowledge transfer is very easy and convenient and makes sharing and education of the doctors and masses a reality.
  • Knowledge transfer for safe motherhood has been made very easy with the Global Library of Women's Medicine (GLOWM).
  • Essential simple knowledge is not available. The need of the hour is to put the right knowledge into the right hands.
  • "Women usually die in childbirth not because the knowledge to save them does not exist -but because the people caring for them do not happen to be in possession of that knowledge."
  • The first priority toward attaining optimum women's health is to provide appropriate and reliable information to all the levels of caregivers.
  • The MOTHER initiative is preparing high quality information to meet the different needs of different healthcare providers who take care of women in childbirth.
  • The 2nd priority is to ensure effective distribution of useful information by using all the options available such as internet, CD Rom, 3G tablets and smart phones and the conventional printed material.
  • GLOWM is an exhaustive resource for all the care providers and is now available on a pen drive.
In Conversation with Dr V Palani Bhuvaneswari

What are the symptoms of PCOS?
Irregular periods, obesity, acne, infertility, hirsutism are some of the common symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

What is the role of insulin resistance in these symptoms?
Insulin resistance causes hyperinsulinemia.

What are the various health risks associated with PCOS?
Type 2 diabetes mellitus and endometrial malignancy

How do insulin sensitizers help in the management of PCOS?
Insulin sensitizers increase insulin sensitivity.

What are the disadvantages of the available treatment options?
The most common disadvantage of the available treatment options is weight gain.

In your opinion, what is the rationale of using myoinositol in PCOS?
Myoinositol improves ovulatory function.

What is the evidence supporting the role of myoinositol in PCOS?
Regular menstruation and conception

What are the advantages of the combination of myoinositol and folic acid help PCOS vis-à-vis metformin?
Better performance

In Conversation with Dr KU Bhavani

What are the symptoms of PCOS?
Irregular periods, facial hair growth, acne, overweight/obesity, infertility, pigmentation are some of the common symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

What is the role of insulin resistance in these symptoms?
Insulin resistance increases androgen levels.

What are the various health risks associated with PCOS?
Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia and endometrial cancer

How do insulin sensitizers help in the management of PCOS?
Insulin sensitizers reduce the levels of androgens.

What are the disadvantages of the available treatment options?
The most common disadvantages of the available treatment options are gastric intolerance.

In your opinion, what is the rationale of using myoinositol in PCOS?
Myoinositol is an effective treatment for many clinical hallmarks of PCOS including insulin resistance, hyperandrogenimia and oligoamenorrhea.

What are the advantages of the combination of myoinositol and folic acid help PCOS vis-à-vis metformin?
The side effects observed with this combination have been few.
Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund
The Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund is a one of its kind initiative by the Heart Care Foundation of India instituted in memory of Sameer Malik to ensure that no person dies of a heart disease because they cannot afford treatment. Any person can apply for the financial and technical assistance provided by the fund by calling on its helpline number or by filling the online form.

Madan Singh,

SM Heart Care Foundation Fund, Post CAG


Kishan, SM Heart Care Foundation Fund,

Post CHD Repair

Deepak, SM Heart Care Foundation Fund,

CHD TOF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjOel0aaqt0
Press Release of the Day
PEDICON 2015 lends support to the Government’s Beti Bachao -Beti Padhao campaign
The 52nd Annual National Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics sees experts talking about child and women empowerment

The second day of the ongoing 52nd Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, PEDICON 2015, witnessed the coming together of medical fraternity to support the newly launched campaign of the Indian Government – Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao. Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development graced the occasion with her presence.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Maneka Gandhi said, “Our Government has just launched the national programme of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign wherein the Government will take various initiatives to save the girl child. It is a cause of concern for us that the sex ratio has gone down to 914 females per 1,000 males. Although we assure that we will take every possible step at our end, it is very important for each and every woman to stand up for their own rights at an individual level. Women sensitization is something that we need to focus on. Women are the ones who should be instrumental in changing the mindset of people regarding the imbalanced sex ratio, prevention of female foeticide, need for a girl child’s safety and education and empowerment of women.”

Speaking about PEDICON 2015, Dr. Ajay Gambhir, Organizing Chairperson of the conference said, “There has been a decline in infant and neonatal mortality rates in our country but the rates are still relatively high in urban slums and rural areas. We are certain that the largest gathering of pediatrics in India would help in coming up with the most recent progressions in the field of pediatric healthcare thus ensuring better healthcare management. Our continued efforts would be in the direction of providing a disease free and healthy atmosphere to the children of India.”

Adding to this, Dr Anupam Sachdev, Organizing Secretary, PEDICON 2015 said, “In tandem with Indian Academy of Pediatric’s focus on integrated quality development for every child, we strongly lend support to this noble initiative of Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao campaign. We as part of the medical fraternity can play an important role in putting an end to female foeticide. Through the platform of PEDICON 2015, I urge every person to support the campaign at an individual level.”

On the 2nd day of the 4-day conference, sessions on varied topics related to pediatrics were discussed. Some of the topics were common errors in antibiotic practices, intergrowth study – The New Foetal Growth Charts, Genetic & Metabolic Evaluation of Epilepsy. Other major issues such as child survival strategy in a tribal set up, the gaps that exist in healthcare implementation, the lack of interface between public and private players, and decoding of the IAP growth chart would be discussed at the conference. As an initiative to encourage young talent, 40 scholarships would be awarded to young pediatricians presenting the free papers.