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23rd January 2017
A prolonged sedentary lifestyle hastens biological aging
Lack of exercise affects the human body right up to the cellular level. A recent study conducted at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine suggests that elderly women who sit for more than 10 hours a day with low physical activity have cells that are biologically older by eight years compared to women who are more active.
In the study published online January 18, 2017 in the American Journal of Epidemiology, a greater amount of accelerometer-measured sedentary time was significantly associated with shorter leukocyte telomere length (LTL). Compared with the least sedentary women, LTL was on average 170 base pairs shorter in the most sedentary women. Since women may lose on average 21 base pairs per year, this suggests that the most sedentary women were biologically older by 8 years.
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Asthma misdiagnosis is surprisingly common: The need for better screening

Recent report suggests that 50% of people diagnosed with asthma do not have the disease.

New Delhi, Jan 22, 2017: Evidence suggests that one in three adults diagnosed with the chronic respiratory condition, asthma may not actually have it.A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association stated that 33% of people diagnosed did not have active, or symptomatic, asthma and more than 90% of these patients could do without the prescribed drugs.

In the Indian setting, a study last year reported that almost 50% of those who were undergoing treatment for asthma were taking redundant therapeutic interventions.
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