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23rd December, 2017
Never forget we are different

We are doctors, we are demi Gods, we are next to God, and so we cannot be inhuman. We not only need to be scientifically and legally correct but also morally and ethically correct. As doctors, we are supposed to follow two bioethics principles: non-maleficence (first do no harm) and beneficence (welfare of all).

Compassion is inherent to our profession as are compassionate doctors. Compassion should be demonstrated in practice as much as felt. A compassionate attitude in practice is more important than the science. Poor, inconsiderate and uncompassionate communication is the reason why most patients sue.... read more

Top News

WHO develops a draft global action plan to promote physical activity

WHO has developed a draft global action plan to promote physical activity after wide consultation with Member States, international experts and other stakeholders, which will be submitted to the 142nd WHO Executive Board in January 2018.... read more

Practice Updates
US FDA approves Giapreza to treat dangerously low blood pressure

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Giapreza (angiotensin II) as intravenous infusion to treat dangerously low blood pressure in adults with septic or other distributive more

Women more likely to have mental stress-induced constricted blood vessels

In women with heart disease, constriction of peripheral vessels during mental stress affects the heart circulation more than men’s, potentially raising women’s risk of heart-related events and death, according to new research in Arteriosclerosis, more

Eating salads daily may slow down brain aging

According to a study published online December 20, 2017 in the journal Neurology, people who ate at least one serving of green, leafy vegetables a day had a slower rate of decline on tests of memory and thinking skills than people who never or rarely ate these vegetables suggesting that eating about one serving per day of green, more

ACOG Committee Opinion on cascade testing for cancer related mutations

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has published a new Committee Opinion online December 21, 2017, on cascade testing and recommends that ob-gyns should be aware of and incorporate cascade testing and counseling into their practices to effectively respond to patients who have been informed that they have a relative with a genetic more

US FDA removes boxed warning on LABA+ ICS combination for asthma and COPD

In an updated drug safety communication released on December 20, 2017, the US FDA has removed the Boxed Warning about asthma-related death from the drug labels of medicines that contain long-acting beta agonists (LABAs) in combination with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) more

Another SGLT2 inhibitor approved for type 2 diabetes

Ertugliflozin, a SGLT2 inhibitor has been approved to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes as an adjunct to diet and exercise. It is to be administered orally in once-daily doses. Two dose strengths will be available: 5-mg and 15-mg more

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IMA re-emphasizes on the one drug-one price-one company policy
The word ‘Brand’ has nothing to do with the words ‘generic’ or ‘patented’ drugs.
New Delhi, 22 December 2017: More than 95% of the drugs available in India are generic with no patent. They are available in the market with a generic name, trade name, or brand name from the same company. Being with no patent, over one thousand companies can market a single molecule. The word brand means a way to differentiate various generic drugs from each other.
A generic drug is the same as a brand name drug in dosage, safety, strength, how it is taken, quality, performance, and intended use. Before approving a generic drug product, FDA requires many rigorous tests and procedures to assurethat the generic drug can be substituted for the brand name drug.
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