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21st January, 2018
Time of measurement of BP: Tips
  • BP should optimally be measured at about the same time of day and before medications are taken to estimate the trough or nadir effect.
  • Smoking transiently raises the BP; thus, the office BP may underestimate the usual BP in a heavy smoker who has not smoked for more than 30 minutes before the measurement is made.
  • Caffeine intake can raise the BP acutely, primarily in non-habitual coffee drinkers. read more
Top News

Govt plans to track TB patients through records with state chemists

In a first of-its-kind initiative, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will work with the public health department to identify and maintain records of all TB patients that buy medication from chemists across the state.... read more

VIII Annual GAPIO conference successfully concluded

VIII Annual GAPIO conference was successfully conducted from 5th-7th January, 2018 at Hotel Westin Mumbai Garden City, Mumbai.
The conference was inaugurated by Ms. Amruta Fadnavis, Wife of Chief Minister, Maharashtra who was also the Chief Guest for the evening function along with Guest of Honour, Dr. Prathap C Reddy - Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr. Ramesh Mehta – President, GAPIO and Dr. Anupam Sibal - Vice President, GAPIO. .... read more

Practice Updates

Rapid Onset Noted for Apremilast in PsA

Monotherapy with apremilast among biologic-naive patients with psoriatic arthritis was significantly more effective than placebo as early as week 2, reported a phase IIIb study published online in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.... read more

Teen Pot Use Linked to Increased Risk for Psychotic Episodes

Teens using marijuana or those who smoke cigarettes are at increased risk of having a psychotic experience by age 18, suggested a new study published online in JAMA Psychiatry. Late adolescent onset cannabis use was associated with nearly threefold increased risk for a psychotic episode after... read more

Additional Evidence Links Gum Disease to Stroke Risk

A new study, published online in Stroke, has reinforced the link between gum disease and increased risk for future stroke, exhibiting a graded relationship with the extent of gum disease and stroke risk, thus suggesting that regular dental care was associated with a lower stroke risk..... read more

Robotic Surgery Scores over Open Surgery in Esophageal Cancer

Findings from a randomized trial, presented at the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, suggested that robot-assisted laparoscopic esophagectomy resulted in significantly fewer complications while achieving similar cancer control, compared with open surgery for resectable intrathoracic esophageal cancer.... read more

Exercise Pivotal to Avert Metabolic Syndrome

Regardless of weight, inactivity may be a precursor to metabolic syndrome, suggests a new study published online in PLOS One. Independent of body mass index (BMI), greater cardiorespiratory fitness in men was linked to a smaller waist circumference and less inflammation.... read more

eMedi Humor
Medicolegal Corner
eMedi Quiz
1. pKa of a drug is the pH at which the drug is 50% ionized.
2. Small changes of pH near the pKa of a weak acidic drug will not affect its degree of ionisation.
3. Knowledge of pKa of a drug is useful in predicting its behaviour in various body fluids.
4. Phenobarbitone with a pKa of 7.2 is largely ionized at acid pH and will be about 40% non-ionised in plasma.
Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: :A True friend
Inspirational Story 2: Trust Your Relationship
Teen depression can be serious and not just age related
Bullying and peer pressure are some contributing factors
New Delhi, 20 January 2018: Recent studies indicate that children who face bullying stand a high risk of developing mental health issues in their teenage years. Some of these include suicidal thoughts and anxiety behavior. Children who experienced severe peer victimization are more than twice as likely to report depression or low moods at age 15, and three times more likely to report anxiety.
India has the highest suicide rate among 10 South-East Asian countries, according to a report released by the WHO. Further, one in four children in the age group of 13 to 15 years in India suffers from depression. Teen depression is a serious mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities.
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