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18th September, 2017
 Our behavior is governed by our needs
Dr KK Aggarwal
Human behaviour is governed by needs. Every behavior is justified medically as every action is performed according to one's own psyche, which in turn depends upon the needs. 
Needs influence our values, thoughts and interactions with other people; needs are what drive us to act in a certain manner.
The most basic or primitive needs are food, sleep, water, shelter, procreation; these satisfy the physical body. Most thefts, minor criminal acts, eve teasing, rapes, etc. are to fulfil these needs. One may even be driven to steal to satisfy basic needs such as hunger.
If the physical needs are met, a person then moves on to the next level of needs, the mental needs, which can be at the level of mind, intellect or ego.
The need for achievement or the desire and ambition to excel satisfy the needs of the mind and the intellect. While, ego-based needs focus on power, position, money, awards, respect or appreciation.
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Changing lifestyles also contribute to breast cancer
  • Regular checkups are a must to identify any possible risk factors
  • Those with a genetic predisposition must get screened on time
New Delhi, 17 September 2017: Of all cancers in women in India, breast cancer accounts for 27% of such cases. Its incidence rises in the early 30s and peaks between 50 and 64 years of age. Statistics also indicate that 1 in 28 women is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime.(1) According to the IMA, breast cancer is developing at a younger age in Indian women. The difficulty in treatment is due to lack of awareness and the resultant delay in diagnosis.
Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops from the breast tissue. Among the many risk factors are interplay of genes, the environment and lifestyle.
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