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Editor-in-Chief eMediNexus – Dr KK Aggarwal
17th November 2018
HCFI representation for installation of AED machines and CPR training in public places converted into PIL and government given time for reply

Dr KK Aggarwal & Advocate Ira Gupta

Earlier on 24.08.2018, Hon’ble Chief Justice of Delhi High Court had accepted and had converted the representation filed by Dr. KK Aggarwal, Padma Shree Awardee and National President of Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) into Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on the issue of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator ((hereinafter "AED") machine in public places like courts, railways and metro. Notices were issued to Union Government, Government of NCT of Delhi, Supreme Court Registrar, etc. in the said PIL.

On Wednesday i.e. 14.11.2018, the said PIL was listed for hearing and all the respondents have been granted 4 weeks’ time to file their counter affidavits / replies. more

Top News

Oral cancer cases rise by 114% in India in 6 years

MUMBAI: The number of cancer cases countrywide has gone up in the last six years by 15.7%. Data shared by Indian Council of Medical Research’s National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research on Wednesday showed that 11.5 lakh cancer cases were reported across the country this year, as against 10 lakh in 2012. ICMR cancer centre director Dr Ravi Mehrotra said lip and... read more

Rural Jharkhand declared ODF, West Bengal commits to become ODF by December 2018

A regional review meeting of the Eastern States was held in Kolkata, West Bengal, today. The workshop comprised discussions on sustaining Open Defecation Free (ODF) status, Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM), and rural water supply. Teams from West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and Odisha joined the review. Key aspects of sustainability such as geo-... read more

Morning Medtalks

Morning MEDtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal 17th November 2018

Suicide increasing among workers and varies by occupation in the US, says a new report published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), which examined lifetime occupations of 22,053 people aged 16-64 years old who died by suicide in the 17 states participating in the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) in 2012 and 2015.... read more

Practice Updates

Five-minute hands-only CPR kiosk training as effective as a 30-minute class for learning CPR skills

People who learn hands-only CPR using a five-minute, kiosk-based program performed CPR as well as those who attended a 30-minute, facilitator-led training session, according to a new research by the American Heart Association, which examined three methods of teaching hands... read more

Combining two imaging modalities helps view the retina in great detail

Using two imaging modalities together - adaptive optics and angiography - can facilitate detailed visualization of live neurons, epithelial cells, and blood vessels deep in the eye’s light-sensing retina and may transform the detection and treatment of diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), say investigators at the National Eye Institute (NEI). ... read more

Study shows better prognosis with metabolic surgery vis-à-vis medical therapy in type 2 diabetes

In a systematic review and meta-analysis of 19 trials, people who underwent metabolic surgery saw 66% reduced odds for all-cause mortality, including macrovascular complications when compared with medical therapy for patients with type 2 diabetes. These findings were presented .. read more

All adults should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use, says USPSTF

The USPSTF has recommended that all adults be screened for unhealthy alcohol use in primary care settings in adults 18 years or older, including pregnant women, and providing persons engaged in risky or hazardous drinking with brief behavioral counseling interventions to reduce... read more

Some definitions on unhealthy alcohol use

USPSTF: "Unhealthy alcohol use" is a spectrum of behaviors, from risky drinking to alcohol use disorder (AUD) (e. g, harmful alcohol use, abuse, or dependence). "Risky” or" hazardous" alcohol use means drinking more than the recommended daily, weekly, or per-occasion amounts, resulting in increased risk for health consequences but not... read more

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1. Hb <13.5 g/dL or hematocrit (HCT) <41.0% represents anemia in men
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3. Differences may also exist between races, in older adults, and in athletes.
4. All of the above
Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: The lucky starfish
Inspirational Story 2:The Falcon & the Branch
Androgenic-anabolic steroids can be detrimental to health and even cause premature death
Muscle mass can be built naturally through healthy food and exercise
New Delhi, 16th November 2018: A gym instructor in Kerala was recently arrested on charges of unauthorized sale of steroids. Research indicate that the use of steroids to fast-track the development of body and muscles is a rampant practice in several gyms in the country. Youngsters are often lured into developing muscles quickly through the indiscriminate use of steroid supplements, mostly in the form of injections. This is despite the fact that only licensed dealers are permitted to deal in steroids.

The indiscriminate and prolonged use of androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS), which are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone, can cause fatal side effects, leading to even premature death. Nandrolone, Stanozolol, and Methenolol are among the commonly used AASs for disproportionate muscle mass development....

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