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15th July, 2017
 A shift towards person-centric medicine

Every person has a distinct unique set of characteristics that distinguishes them from the other. 
"Individualization" is inherent in the science of homeopathy, which recognizes every patient to be different from the other, even if they have the same disease and individualizes treatment for every person. 
The modern system of medicine is also now shifting towards person-centric medicine. Every patient has to be managed differently for the best possible outcome. What is acceptable to one patient, may not be acceptable to the other. Treatment must be tailored to each individual patient taking into consideration their individual characteristics, culture, personal preferences, expectations etc. 
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has defined patient-centered care as: "Providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."
A few days back, I spoke about the social determinants of health; the social situation of the patient, environmental factors, which influence health of a person.
Dr KK Aggarwal
National President IMA & HCFI
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New Delhi, 14 July 2017: Recognizing the importance of skill building as an important aspect of quality promotion, the IMA will be hosting the next training programme of CPQIH at IMA Head Quarters in New Delhi. Accreditation of hospitals is a step towards helping them improve patient care and has been a regular feature in the developed countries for more than 50 years. This procedure is recognized globally as an effective quality evaluation and management tool.
The Quality Council of India created NABH in 2005. To build capacity and mentor hospitals, especially to fulfil NABH pre-accreditation entry-level certification standards, the CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations) initiated the programme for training Certified Professionals for Quality Implementation in Hospitals (CPQIH).
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