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14th  August 2016
All public places should mandatorily have AEDs  
General public should be taught CPR 10 
Legendary Pakistani cricketer Hanif Mohammad was brought back to life as reported in TOI. He later died. 
In Karachi, he was clinically dead for 6 minutes and was revived after that. Media is calling it a miracle but this is medically a routine and not a miracle. 

About 40% of all sudden cardiac events can be revived with simple hands-only CPR10 and the same can be increased to 60%, if external electric shock machines called AEDs or automated external defibrillators are used. 
All public places should mandatorily have AEDs and general public should be taught the life saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique of CPR 10.
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Special eMediNexus Editorial
Are Doctors in India Grossly Underpaid? 
The Medical Profession operates on its own island of competency as well as qualification. It is costly to become a doctor, both in terms of money and time. Medical colleges across India have become expensive to attend with hefty off-book capitation fees extracted from incoming students. Moving towards specialisation post MBBS can mean that doctors are upwards of 30 years in age before they start earning meaningfully. The question is, is it worth the wait and the cost to become a doctor in India? Is the return on investment meaningful. 
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A 35-year-old male from Gurgaon asked:
What are the symptoms of typhoid and how to be sure that I proactively safeguard myself against it as it is rainy season and water cleanliness is really a concern in Gurgaon.
Dr. Jyoti Goel, General Physician, replied:
Symptoms high fever decreased appetite abdominal pain headache diarrhea or constipation intestinal bleeding or perforation may occur if not treated typhoid... read more
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E. All of the above and more. 
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Press Release
IMA leaders unite towards the cause of making emergency medical care more accessible in India
Pledge to be the voices against rampant practice of female feticide at a National Leadership Meet in Jaipur
New Delhi, August 13, 2016: A National Leadership Meet of the Indian Medical Association, the oldest and largest representative organization of doctors of modern scientific medicine is being held on Saturday in the pink city of Jaipur. The one-day meeting will see an attendance of over 100 heads of the national body. 

The main agenda of the National Leadership Meet is to evaluate and discuss issues of National importance affecting the functioning and efficacy of the medical community in the country and to put together a list of demands for the Central Government to action.
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