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14th May, 2017
We all prescribe generic drugs only, where is the confusion then? (Part 2)​
15. Doctors are being blamed of writing only costly drugs?
Quite often doctors are blamed of prescribing costly drugs to their patients. Every patient must know that convenience comes for a cost. The same drug molecule with same efficacy may cost more, if it gives you convenience. Remember cheap does not mean low quality or low efficacy. It’s like the basic model of a car, all accessories come for a price.

The cost of a drug may vary depending on the following parameters
  • If the bitterness is removed
  • If it does not emit an odd smell
  • If it's aftertaste is better
  • If it looks soothing to the eyes due to specific shape or color
  • If the size of a tablet is small
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TNAI honors IMA National President Dr Aggarwal and Honorary Secretary General Dr Tandon on International Nurses Day
The event saw emphasis on the relationship between doctors and nurses and the need to create synergy

New Delhi, 13 May 2017: On the occasion of International Nurses Day, the Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) honoured Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal, National President IMA and Dr RN Tandon, Honorary Secretary General IMA for their contribution to the medical field. 
This is the first time that such an award has been instituted by the body. The event saw the presence of eminent dignitaries namely Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament (Chief Guest); Dr Rathi Balachandran, Asst. Director General of Nursing, Ministry of Health (Guest of Honor); Dr Prakin
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