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13th September 2016
Chikungunya Update
Chikungunya fever is a non-fatal debilitating viral illness, which spreads by the bite of infected female Aedes aegypti / albopictus mosquito.  
Symptoms develop 3-7 days after the bite by an infected mosquito. The classical triad is skin rash, joint pains and high fever. Most patients will usually recover within 1-2 weeks. Cold compressions may easy pain.
There is no vaccine to prevent or drugs to treat. Plenty of rest and fluids to prevent dehydration is recommended. 
Aspirin or NSAIDs should not be taken until dengue is ruled out. Both ailments may present with similar symptoms.
In 20% cases, joint involvement may persist for weeks and in 10% cases, they tend to persist for months. While in 10% cases, swelling disappears and the pain subsides, but will reappear with every other febrile illness for many months. Each time the same joints get swollen, with mild effusion and symptoms persist for a week or two after the fever subsides. 
Clinically, about 92% have symmetric polyarthralgias, 67% have arthritis and 75% skin rash. About 89% show a very good clinical response to NSAIDs, some 27% require low-dose steroids and 5% may need methotrexate therapy. 
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Press Release
Proposed National Medical Commission Bill will bring more corruption and is a mockery of a democratic process: IMA 
New Delhi, September 12, 2016: "The proposed National Medical Commission Bill, 2016 needs to be discarded", said Dr SS Agarwal National President IMA.

"The IMA Leadership, State President’s as well as all IMA’s Past Presidents have gone through the proposed NMC Bill and are of the opinion that the proposed bill is not community friendly and should be discarded as a whole", said Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal, Honorary Secretary General & National President (Elect) Indian Medical Association.
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