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11th September, 2017
IMS Study Group Report 
Report of the Study Group constituted by President MCI on Indian Medical Services (Part 1)

The President Medical Council of India (MCI) constituted the present Study Group to make appropriate recommendations in regard to the need, relevance, scope and modality of initiative Indian Medical Services in the interest of generating necessary administrative cadre to effectively administer health care services in a cogent, credible and a meaningful way, thereby sub serving the larger public interest in the National cause.
Accordingly the study group met and deliberated the said issue in all its aspects and taking stock of the relevant literature on the said subject has formulated its observations and recommendations thereon.
Historical perspective  
The Indian Medical Service owes its origin to the East India Company formed by the British. It was on December 31, 1600 when Queen Elizabeth granted a charter to the Association of Merchant Adventures of London to trade with the East, which gave birth to the East India Company. As a matter of fact the establishment of the company was a result of a huge struggle amongst the nation for the control of lucrative spice trade, in which to begin with the Venetians, then the Portuguese, the Spaniards, the Dutch, the French and finally the British came to be drawn into the treasure hunt.
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Noise pollution can affect outcomes in schools and hospitals
  • Every effort should be made to check noise levels in these settings
  • Noise pollution is also responsible for many health problems
New Delhi, 10 September, 2017: As per statistics, continuous exposure to sounds above 85 db can cause progressive hearing loss. Everyday exposure to noise over time has an impact upon our ability to hear and on the degree of hearing loss that develops. As per the IMA, noise-induced hearing loss is the most common and obvious outcome of noise pollution. 

Noise pollution has been associated with many health problems such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and heart disease. It can also manifest as disturbed sleep/ insomnia, headache, fatigue, irritability, loss of concentration, and decreased work efficiency. The most commonly affected places due to noise pollution are classrooms and hospital settings.
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