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11th February, 2018
Understanding Heath Care Differently

Matter is made up of atoms, which can be broken down to subatomic particles (protons, neutrons and electrons), photons, quantum and finally to wave. A photon is both a wave and a particle, which has been termed as the wave particle duality. Vedic knowledge says that we are both particle and a wave at the same time. This duality of the human body exists at the level of photon and symbolizes the concept of Purusha (consciousness) and Prakriti (matter) or the unmanifest and the manifest.

Unmanifest is the state where there is no matter. It is the beginning of all things and this state can be described as “potential” or “shunya”. This is the extreme parasympathetic state of the body.... read more

Top News

NITI Aayog releases “Healthy States, Progressive India” Report

NITI Aayog has released a comprehensive Health Index report titled, “Healthy States, Progressive India”, which ranks states and Union territories innovatively on their year-on-year incremental change in health outcomes, as well as, their overall performance with respect to each other. The report was released jointly by the CEO, NITI Aayog;... read more

New breakthrough cancer vaccine

An experimental cancer vaccine has demonstrated dramatic results in mice with many different cancer types and distant metastases and is now to be tested in patients with cancer. 87 of 90 mice were cured of cancer, and among the 3 animals that experienced a recurrence,... read more

Practice Updates

Preoperatively diagnosed patent foramen ovale increases risk of perioperative ischemic stroke

Preoperatively diagnosed patent foramen ovale was significantly associated with an increased risk of perioperative ischemic stroke within 30 days of noncardiac surgery (3.2% vs 0.5%) in a study published February 6, 2018 in JAMA..... read more

US FDA approves RadioGenix System to produce Tc-99m

The FDA approved the RadioGenix System, the first non-uranium process for the production of Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) from Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99). Tc-99 is the most widely used radioisotope in medical imaging. A domestic source of Tc-99m is now available .... read more

Increased corneal sensitivity in patients with fibromyalgia

Patients with fibromyalgia have increased corneal sensitivity and also have related ocular surface complaints “similar to dry eye disease in the absence of it”, says a study reported online January 26 in the journal Eye.... read more

Vertebral trabecular attenuation on CT scans can predict fracture risk in older adults

A simple rapid density measurement of bone quality called vertebral trabecular attenuation correlated with risk of future osteoporotic fracture in older adults who underwent chest and/or abdominal CT scans for a variety of indications, according to results of a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.... read more

e-cigarettes increase risk of pneumococcal infection

Preliminary research examining the hypothesis that e-cigarette vapor increase pneumococcal adhesion to airway cells suggests that long-term users of electronic cigarettes might face increased susceptibility to pneumococcal infection. The results are published online February 8, 2017 in the European Respiratory Journal..... read more

Metabolic surgery more effective than medical therapy in reducing microvascular complications in T2DM

In a meta-analysis reported in British Journal of Surgery, metabolic surgery prevented the development of microvascular complications better than medical treatment in patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Metabolic surgery also improved pre-existing diabetic nephropathy compared with medical treatment.... read more

Cardiology Updates

Does serum albumin level have an effect on neurological outcome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

A prospective, multicenter observational study that analyzed whether serum albumin concentration upon hospital arrival had prognostic indications on out-of-hospital cardiac.... read more

Is transcatheter tricuspid valve-in-valve implantation a good option in patients with Ebstein anomaly?

A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology determined the acute results and short- to medium-term durability of transcatheter.... read more

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Science beyond medicine
For wellness, the manifest and unmanifest state must be equilibrium
New Delhi, 10th February 2018: All recognised systems of medicine work at different levels. While modern ‘particle-based’ medicine treats the disease, the ‘wave’-based medicine seeks the origin of the disease. However, ultimately, all systems of medicine work towards one common end point, which is, healing.
The duality of the human body exists at the level of photon and symbolizes the concept of Purusha the unmanifest (consciousness) and Prakriti (matter) or the manifest. For wellness, the manifest and the unmanifest state should be in equilibrium.
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