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10th September 2016
Dengue and Chikungunya are totally preventable diseases
Dengue, Chikungunya as well as Malaria and Filaria are mosquito-borne diseases and are totally preventable. Here are some salient points to remember about their prevention.  
  • Malaria is transmitted via the bite of a female Anopheles spp mosquito, which occurs mainly between dusk and dawn. It may rarely spread as a congenitally-acquired disease or via blood transfusion, sharing of contaminated needles and organ transplantation.
  • The Dengue mosquito (Aedes aegypti) bites in the day time.
  • The Aedes Dengue mosquito has up to 3 meals in a day, while the malaria mosquito has
  • 1 meal in three days. Malaria may infect only one person in the family; on the other hand, dengue mosquito will infect more than one member in the family in the same day.
  • Malaria fever often presents with chills and rigors. If fever presents with joint and muscle pains, suspect Chikungunya.
  • The Dengue mosquitoes may also breed inside houses in fresh collected water; hence, insecticide spraying, in response to dengue outbreaks, is not highly effective. Water should not be allowed to collect inside the house for more than a week. Mosquito cycle takes 7-12 days to complete and if any water collected utensils is scrubbed cleaned properly once in a week, there are no chances of mosquito breeding.
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Timely vaccination is recommended for disease-free healthy ageing​
Vaccination is one of the ways by which we can maintain our health and longevity by simultaneously reducing the risk of contacting any degenerative and chronic diseases.
New Delhi, September 09, 2016: The saying, you reap what you sow, fits the best in case of an individual’s health. We often don’t calculate the aftermath of the ignorance we show towards our health while we are young. As a result, we end up facing all the health-related consequences when we get old and have low immunity power and decreased resistance. And sometimes, we think taking necessary precautions and vaccinations once is enough. But akin to health, the effect of these vaccinations and precautions fades away as we grow old. 
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