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10th July, 2017
What do we see in a celebrity?
When we look at famous people, be it any field, we are awestruck by their persona and the aura of success that surrounds them. We are all fascinated by celebrities and famous people. Their charismatic personality is captivating, which draws people towards them. Impressive, inspiring, amazing, awe-inspiring are often how such people are described. We admire them and we aspire to be like them.
And at times, one can't help but feel a twinge of envy at their success.
All successful people have some qualities, which separate them from the rest of us. But, it is possible to cultivate these special qualities.
When you read about famous people, see them on TV or in person, then instead of all the above emotions, think about and analyze their distinct qualities or personality traits, which led them on to the path of success... Think "what quality he/she has that is lacking in me and if develop that quality, can I become the same".
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Falls in the elderly increase risk of injuries
IMA emphasizes on making the house risk free to avoid the risk of falling

New Delhi, 09 July 2017: According to statistics, about 14% to 53% fatal and nonfatal injuries in the elderly (above the age of 65) are due to falls, with the associated mortality standing at as high as 86%. India's elderly population is growing rapidly with the percentage expected to increase to about 10% by 2021. As per the IMA, the need of the hour is to create awareness among family members and caregivers alike on how they can ensure a safe and secure environment for the elderly and prevent falls.
Head injuries, shoulder and forearm fractures, spine fractures, and pelvic and hip fractures are some of the most common fall injuries in the elderly. The risk factors include muscle weakness; gait deficit; balance and postural deficit; visual and hearing deficit; arthritis; Vitamin D deficiency; uneven ground; slippery surfaces; stairs/railing; depression; and Dementia.
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